E Light Electric’s comprehensive training programs are designed to better serve our customers by addressing the educational needs of our workforce. From our widely-recognized apprenticeship program to continuing education and leadership classes, E Light’s training efforts have been enormously successful thanks to our training department’s dedication to new and innovative ways to approach education.

E Light is the only company in Colorado with a Department of Labor-certified electrical apprenticeship training program in house, enabling E Light to work with the next generation of leaders as they begin their careers. By combining on-the-job experience with a structured classroom environment, this four-year program gives students the knowledge and skills to pass the Journeyman Electrician exam.

As a leader in Lean Construction principles, E Light’s training programs reflect efforts to reduce waste on our job sites and increase value to our customers. Our training department also ensures that values such as safety, loss prevention, and customer satisfaction continue to be integral parts of our corporate culture.




Our 2,200-square-foot onsite training facility includes state-of-the-art equipment for both live classroom instruction and remote learning, plus an interactive lab that provides a flexible environment for hands-on training in a variety of electrical projects and systems. With E Light Electric’s onsite prefabrication capabilities, instructors can produce highly specialized, custom-designed equipment and training materials that further enhance the learning experience.


Our in-house training lab provides hands-on examples of: