E Light is committed to providing the highest quality work within our client’s budget. In an effort to remain Colorado’s premier manager of large-scale electrical and renewable energy projects, we utilize the most cutting edge technology available. From our state of the art estimation tools to mobile applications for on-the-go quality inspection reports, E Light is committed to utilizing technology that allows us to be the most efficient company possible at every stage of each project.



E Light is proud to use cutting-edge 3D CAD software for our Building Information Modeling (BIM). With the latest technology, we ensure that projects are completed faster, smarter, and according to plans, with improved field coordination. We use 3D CAD for design documents, shop drawings, field layout drawings, and as-built drawings; and we can work with everyone from architects to contractors to develop and update coordinated drawings.




AutoCAD MEP  allows us to accurately model 3D electrical systems using built-in, known standards. We also use our CAD department for installation drawings. Even on projects where a CAD is not required, we generally provide drawings of the following systems as a service to the whole team:

  • Temporary power
  • Electrical room, completely dimensioned – including elevations
  • All underground/under slab conduits
  • All feeders and low-voltage distribution systems
  • All home runs
  • Lighting layouts
  • All electrical conduits
  • Box and panel layouts
  • Trench drawings
  • Underground conduits


Total Station enables E Light to take BIM to the field. Layout has become a one person operation with the ability to shoot hundreds of points a day in the dirt, on the deck, ceiling or on the floor. This speeds up field production and reduces time spent in our CAD department. Total Station makes the BIM model constructible and increases productivity from the office to the field, while creating a clash detection tool for constructing a project.


Accubid LiveCount™ allows for instantaneous input of data. As you count fixtures or as items are measured on a drawings, it immediately inputs it into our estimate.


Our smart boxes are vital to our BIM for field communications. When our BIM Department is routing and collaborating in 3D, then the only logical way to show the field what they are building is in 3D. The smart box allows us to succinctly show the field employees what our plan is, as well as outline constructable challenges utilizing the latest technology. The Smart Box also allows a synergy from concept to reality that cannot be matched with 2D translations.


E Light utilizes iAuditor, a customizable mobile app, to do quality inspection reports, torque logs, employee observation reports, incident and accident reports, management inspections, daily logs and reports. Our employees are finding creative ways to utilize this app to improve our efficiency and we are continually building new templates for use. All these reports are generated on the spot on smart phones or tablets and can be emailed as a professionally completed and signed reports.