Meet Our Professionals


We pride ourselves on working with the best electricians and professional staff in the nation. With our extensive in-house training program, we can ensure that everyone from apprentices to journeymen to executives share E Light’s commitment to safety, customer service, and superior value.

We believe every employee is important: from apprentices to project managers, from the receptionist to the CEO. At E Light, we all work as a team towards the same goal of serving our customers.  With a company average of more than 450 employees, here are just a few of our valued team members.

Perry Herrmann

President/ CEO

David Wright

Vice President of Preconstruction

Jason Wheeler

Vice President Operations

Bob Hamilton

Vice President of Finance

Ted Smith

Director of Education and Loss Prevention

Roseanne Mullis

Director of Human Resources


Andy Haselhorst, 2022 Q4 top performer

Dylan Andrews, 2022 Q3 top performer

Mike Haselhorst, 2022 Q2 top performer

Devin Schipper, 2022 Q1 top performer

Luke Fletemeyer, 2021 Q4 top performer

Ricky Dzabic, 2021 Q3 Top Performer

Jalen Wheeler, 2021 Q2 Top Performer

Teketsel Zerihun, 2021 Q1 top performer

Brian McKinney, 2020 Q4 top performer

Dustin Charlston, 2020 Q3 top performer