E Light is a leader in electrical prefabrication. With more than 25 years of collective experience, E Light’s prefab shop exceeds construction demands, while ensuring the safety, quality, and integrity of electrical assemblies. Prefabricated items are built under close supervision, in a controlled environment in Colorado.

We use a unique zero inventory process and extensive planning to label, track, and monitor all prefabrication operations. This allows E Light to maintain the highest quality and efficiency, while dramatically reducing construction waste and unnecessary labor costs on common installations — all without sacrificing our commitment to clients, quality, safety, and control of our product.

We guarantee  quality on every prefabricated element, ensuring the success of every installation.

  • Conduit bending and body assembly
  • Temporary power solutions and maintenance
  • Prefabrication of panel boards
  • Prefabrication of transformers
  • Data, communication, power boxes, and stubs
  • Pre-cut power, lighting, and fixture whips
  • Lighting fixture assembly and preparation
  • Wireway, conduit, and cable tray rack assembly
  • Deck boxes and imbedded assemblies
  • Pre-assembling of components in equipment rooms
  • Combiner box assembly and pre-wiring
  • Control box assembly
  • Metal erection and panel mounting hardware
  • Equipment pads and racks
  • AC and DC disconnects
  • Solar panel wire pre-assembly
  • Pre-testing and labeling
  • Specialty custom-fabricated tools



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  • Colorado Springs 719.314.0670

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