E Light brings many value engineering ideas and lessons learned to each new project. We realize each project is different and provides an opportunity to implement various cost saving ideas. Here are some examples:


  • E Light can suggest changes to the project layouts to provide the most efficient system.
  • We can look at the materials of the project and suggest alternatives based on current and past project success and cost.
  • E Light understands prefabrication and can suggest changing the components to better suit the project for prefabrication without sacrificing the performance or the quality of the project/finished product.
  • Many times we can recommend different manufacturers of a given piece of equipment that is equivalent in all respects and at a lower price.
  • E Light’s extensive knowledge of the construction market has allowed us to understand many products that other companies may not be familiar with that are more efficient to install and will also produce a better end product.
  • We have proven success assisting clients with the design phase of the project to keep cost within budget. This virtually eliminates the need for redesigns and allows for streamlined construction.
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